Celebrating Graduations!

We are celebrating graduations here at CP+! It’s bittersweet to say goodbye but we know you all will do great things. We are so honored to be a piece of your child’s life!

“To all of our friends at CP+,

Thank you for helping our son transform in to such an incredible little guy full of humor, empathy, intelligence and wonder. As a team you have worked on the big things and small things that make life easier – for him and for us as a family. The dedication to helping him succeed in “real world” environments while keeping his unique sense of self is what we will always be the first to tell others about.

He is the best of all of us – from his siblings, to his fellow friends at CP+, to each RBT that has spent time with him, the SLPs, OTs and BCBAs. As cliche as it sounds, each of you have left a little pieces of yourself with him. We don’t see the Autism puzzle pieces as anything other than people leaving their own piece for our son to use in the bigger picture we call life.” – Parent