Empowering Progress

Introducing the Children's Autism Center, formerly known as Child's Play Plus. Our experienced professionals provide increased accessibility, resources, and unmatched ABA therapy tailored to your child's needs.

Children's Autism Center acquired the operations of Child's Play Plus in March 2024


Our Clinics

Multiple locations to serve our families!

You can expect consistency and quality care across all locations. Our facilities provide patients with a variety of private therapy rooms (regardless of services being received), common areas for group interaction, fully equipped kitchen, OT gym and so much more!


Come and visit one of our facilities to see how we play, learn and grow… at Child’s Play Plus!

Your Welcome Team

Caitlin Kimble

Caitlin Kimble

Rehab Administrative Manager

Caitlin began her career at Child’s Play Plus as a Registered Behavior Technician! Her passion for helping people paired with her understanding of CP+ is an excellent addition to the Welcome Team.

As the Rehab Administrative Manager at our Jefferson Park clinic, she will oversee the efficient operation of the Rehab office and is your go-to person for scheduling appointments, updating your child’s information and more! Caitlin is eager to help families here at Child’s Play Plus!

“I look forward to creating a warm and welcoming environment for our patients. I am passionate about doing my job to the best of my abilities while maintaining a safe, fun space for families! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and help you with all of your Speech and OT needs.”

Alysha Neumann

Alysha Neumann

Administrative Manager, Glenbrook

As Administrative Manager for our Glenbrook location, Alysha ensures the daily operations of her location are running smoothly through the finest customer service and staff HR support. She strives to support families and staff alike through a friendly environment that cultivates our mission to play, learn and grow.

Alysha began her career with us as a Registered Behavior Technician. With a bachelors degree in Children’s Ministry from Cincinnati Christian University and 15 years of working with children, Alysha is an excellent addition to our Welcome Team! Whether you are coming to Child’s Play Plus for the first time or are a well-versed parent; she is your point of contact and can answer your questions, guide you along on a personal tour, facilitate appointments and much more! Our Welcome Team is here for you.

“Making our family yours through a smooth and positive introduction into Child’s Play Plus.” – Alysha Neumann

Rylea Prosser

Rylea Prosser, SLPA

Administrative Manager, Huntington

Rylea has been with Child’s Play since 2015 and is an excellent resource for parents with her in-depth knowledge of all things CP+! She began with us as a Registered Behavior Technician where she worked with ABA patients for 5 years. From there she switched gears to help us launch our Rehab programs as Clinical Assistant working with scheduling, billing and authorizations. As our Speech program grew, she was able to jump in as our Speech-Language Pathology Assistant to utilize her educational background in Communication Disorders.

As Administrative Manager, she is your point of contact for the Huntington clinic and can answer questions, facilitate appointments and much more! Our Welcome Team is here for you.

Melissa Robinson

Melissa Robinson

Administrative Manager, Jefferson Park

Melissa began her career at Child’s Play Plus as a Registered Behavior Technician! Her passion for helping people paired with her understanding of CP+ is an excellent addition to the Welcome Team.

Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University Southern Indiana. Her experience working with children for the past 9 years along with 2 years of administration experience has led her to become our Jefferson Park clinic Administrative Manager. Here she will oversee the clinic’s efficient operation by conducting the finest customer service to families and HR support to staff. She is your go-to person for appointments, updating your child’s information, scheduling parent meetings and more!

“I am so excited for this new role as an Administrative Manager and to meet and get involved with the families.”

Brandi Saldivar

Brandi Saldivar

Executive Assistant

Brandi came to us with 20 years of experience as an Early Childhood Education professional. As a teacher for 12 years, an Assistant Director and a Program Director, her expertise speaks for itself. As our Executive Assistant, she ensures a smooth operational workflow within human resources, is the initial connection with new staff during the interview process, assists with training initiatives and much more!


“My very favorite thing about my job is getting to see patients as they learn and progress through their journey here at Child’s Play.”

Matt Swick

Matt Swick

Team Development Leader

As Team Development Leader, Matt ensures new staff feel welcomed and prepared for their job as they begin their role on the Technician Team. Along with his time in the Learning Center he also trains staff on Safety Crisis Management (SCM) and CPR to throughout the year.

Matt graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University with a degree in Psychology. His expertise in the field comes from years of working as a Registered Behavior Technician and later in a training role; leading staff in Applied Behavior Analysis procedures and strategies to help them deliver the best, science-driven therapy possible.

Features of our clinics

  • Controlled-entry for the safety and privacy of our patients.
  • Therapy rooms offer individualized space for each child to work on their goals in a distraction-free zone.
  • Common areas offer a multitude of games, activities and sensory play.
  • Quiet reading nooks for patients to work on skills with their therapist.
  • Freshly stocked pantry with snack inventories to pick from for reinforcers.
  • Kitchen with ample dining space to begin to simulate school lunchtime.
  • Laundry facilities to teach life skills (and to clean up our own messes!)
  • Barber chairs to practice getting haircuts (with permission, of course – several staff are licensed cosmetologists!)
  • Entertainment space for group activities.

Success Stories

  • Hope…. hope is the word that best sums up what Child’s Play has given not just (our son) but our whole family. A year ago things were feeling pretty hopeless. It has been so uplifting to see the progress in (his)’s level of independence, self care, independent living skills, and emotional control. Making the decision to send him to Child’s Play is one we will never regret.

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • When looking for a school or center for a child with autism, the resources are limited when a typical school environment is not functional for your child. We came upon Child’s Play Autism Center and immediately fell in love with the one-on-one interaction for our daughter. Not only does she get one-on-one ABA therapy in her own private therapy room, she also has the opportunity to interact with other students. There are so many areas for her to “play” and learn. There is a music area, pretend play area, gross motor area, sensory area, kitchen area and so much more. She gets the chance to go shopping at the grocery store to work on social behaviors as well as takes trips to the mall. And she goes out to lunch to work on her social and public goals. All of the staff is amazing and is in constant communication as to how my daughter is doing. They are all so supportive! My daughter has excelled greatly since beginning at Child’s Play Autism Center!!! I am so thankful they are here in Ft. Wayne!

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • As a parent it is hard to watch your child struggle and not make progress in normal child development areas such as verbal, social, emotional and academic skills. As a family we were at a level of deep frustration and didn’t know where to turn to get help. Thankfully, you made a commitment to our community to provide ABA therapy services.

    Child’s Play has provided us with an opportunity to address all of the issues our son has with a program that is comprehensive and customized. Other programs we’ve utilized only address speech when it is the allotted speech time, etc. At Child’s Play Autism Center, they formulate a unique plan for each individual child and work on deficient skills with a precise calculated strategy so your child can attain multiple goals with the completion of one task.

    More than just the therapeutic processes provided, the staff genuinely care for my child and his progress. ABA therapy has been a blessing in our life. We have a long way to go but every week we see some sort of progress in speech or behavior. Child’s Play is making a difference in our entire family’s life for the better and they are a great community asset.

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • They are a blessing. They have done so much for my son. Couldn’t ask for anything better. You guys rock.

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • Child’s Play Autism Centers has been coordinating with the Bowen Center on behalf of children and families in Huntington since they began in 2013. The staff are very dedicated to providing individualized treatment, explaining benefits of ABA therapy, and making every child and family who walk through the door feel comfortable. We are pleased to see the tremendous progress in the children who we referred.

    -Shelly Snyder, Director of the Huntington Bowen Center
  • My confidence in their ability to help my patients has yet to wane. Child’s Play is an amazing resource to our community.

    -Dr. Duane Hougendobler, Regional Clinical Medical Director for Parkview Pediatrics
  • They are amazing!! So happy that there is a place for my daughter to go and be challenged to meet her potential!!

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • Our son has grown leaps and bounds under Rebecca’s supervision. He engages with his peers, has had a huge decrease in meltdowns and works daily on his difficulties on transitions. We are more than pleased with his progress and he loves being there with all his friends!

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • They are the best! I couldn’t ask for a better place for (my son) to go to…. He went from barely being able to walk with a walk to walking independently in a matter of five months. His therapist’s Rock!!!!!!

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • I feel incredibly blessed by my child’s support team. I pinch myself everyday when I think about how lucky we are to have found Child’s Play. My child is loved, supported, and encouraged every step of the way, and it shows–he is thriving!

    -Caregiver Review, Online
  • We love this place. We could not be any happier with the results and the huge improvement with our son. They always go more and beyond to help him. I highly recommend this place to anybody who is looking for ABA services.

    -Caregiver Review, Online