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Winter Weather Procedures

Good evening, Child’s Play Families.

I would like to take this opportunity share with you how Child’s Play makes its decision regarding weather delays and cancellations.

The closing of clinical practice due to weather related/emergency issues is taken very seriously, with many factors taken into consideration.  However, no one consideration is given more priority than the overall safety and well-being of our patients and staff. Please take a moment our policy explaining our winter weather closure and delay procedures.

Our Company is not an educational institution, but a medical provider for mental health. We do not follow school closings for directives in our decision-making regarding closing our offices for inclement weather. Schools close for many reasons, but heavily base their perspective on having children on buses. This is not the case for clinical operations. Your kids don’t stand out in the elements while they wait for us.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security county travel advisories, along with observed road conditions around each clinical location and weather forecasts will be used to decide. It is of note that Child’s Play’s locations close and open independently from one another depending on local conditions.

A reminder: any decision to delay and/or to close school is made as early as possible and communicated through:


  • Child’s Play text alert system:
    • Alerts from (844) 385-9776
    • Please respond when received
    • Save this number in your contacts so it is recognizable!
    • As a reminder, this system is not a cell phone, but a computer program. It is not monitored under any other time, so do not begin a conversation with us by messaging this number.
  • Local media news and alerts in extreme conditions and/or if messaging system becomes unavailable.


The clinics will continue to be proactive in our efforts to monitor weather/emergency closing conditions to ensure the safety of our clients. The ultimate decision whether or not to send your child to clinic rests with you, the parent/guardian. If you believe it is unsafe to send your child to us, your decision will be accepted and respected, and your child’s absence will be marked as “parent excused”.

Please ensure a decision to not bring your child is communicated as early as possible for staffing arrangements. Remember; your child has assigned staff, and we need to find an alternative work assignment for them if you do not attend on a given day. We are 1:1 in therapy.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and warm,


Aleta Hosier, Director of Operations

Child’s Play Autism Centers