Tips for water safety

Water safety starts with preventative steps! Please review these 5 steps to ensure your child has a safe summer:

1. Review – Communicate clear rules about going near a pool or any body of water with an adult. Let them know what the risks are. For families with a pool at home, the pool should be fenced with an alarm on the gate to alert you if your child attempts to enter.

2. Educate – Learning the rules of a swimming pool and becoming familiar with the surroundings is a great way to introduce your child to this setting. If they are anxious about the water, start small with pool side visits. Next, dip your toes in the water and work your way up!

3. Lessons – Every child should take swim lessons! There are specific classes available to kids with ASD or that have sensory challenges that make it possible for every child to learn to swim. These skills could save their life. If they are excited by the water they will love this experience!

4. Gear – Your child may still require a life jacket or flotation device around the water, even if they don’t plan on swimming. It’s a smart precaution and may offer reassurance when attempting a new skill.

5. Support – Your child looks to you for support and encouragement. Parent’s should be hands-on whenever children are in the water. Even with a confident swimmer, you should remain close.